Welcome to The Beer Store in Pompano Beach, Fl. We have more than 300 Craft, Domestic and Imported Beers at great prices. Also Wine, Lotto, Tobacco,Ice,&  Propane.     
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About Us

We invite you to come and see our great selection of domestic and foreign Beers. 

The Beer Store

The Beer Store
is family owned and operated by long term residents of Pompano Beach Chris and Sandra Horsnell. They moved to Pompano Beach, from the U.K, in 1984. Being British they love to drink good beer. They opened The Beer Store to provide  many of the requirements for a good barbecue and party in one location. Good Beer, Wine, Barbecue supplies, Propane, Tobacco products, Sodas and Ice are all items often required for a great barbecue and family/friends get-together.  When you think barbecue and party time think about The Beer Store. We have plenty of parking space, great prices and great service. Come on by and see what we have to offer!   

Pompano's own "The Beer Store"

Beer geared stores in the South Florida area are extremely hard to come by. I mean don't get me wrong I love traveling to my local Total Wine to not only pick up some brew but to also chit chat with friends who happen to work there. But the actual beer takes up how much of the store? 25%? 20%? Walking through the aisles of Total Wine I feel like a rat running through a maze looking for the cheese, that sweet nectar cheese.

Where am I going with this rambling? While Boca and Ft.Lauderdale have their Total Wines of the world Pompano Beach may have just found the next best thing. I present to you The Beer Store. Conveniently tucked away off of US1 and Atlantic Blvd, practically a stones throw away from Brother Tuckers. The inside may be a little cramped for space but is packed with 100% beer. They have 4 main rooms for their beer, divided mainly by country and style. Their inventory can be seen here.

While the store may lack in size comparison to Total Wine and ABC the owner definitely makes up for it with the beer selection. I gazed the store briefly today and noticed a few harder to find beers such as Wells Banana Nut Bread and Goose Island Sofie. It's definitely worth checking out if your in the area

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